Luxura X7 42 SLi High Intensive

Stylish is what you strive for. Professionalism and quality are your key words and this is instantly visible when someone enters your business. When selecting the best tanning equipment for your company, choose one that meets these standards without being over-the-top. The complete X7, with its classy appearance, will surely appeal to you and your customers. The X7 fits perfectly in a stylish environment and comes in four colors with attractive Deco lights, making the X7 the shining center of attraction. With an internal or external timer, this top-class sunbed can be profitable in many business environments.

All X7 models boast the ContourPLUS system and the BackFLEX system. ContourPLUS is a sculpted acrylic that is designed to conform to the human body, offering increased tanning comfort. BackFLEX enhances the tanning experience by directing light to the tanner’s shoulders, in order to better tan that difficult area.

A choice of two different versions of 42 lamps
SLi face tanner with halogen lamps placed behind a filter. Available in 400 W, switchable
SPr “spaghetti” lamps strategically placed between the lamps for extra face and décolleté tanning at comfortable temperature.(optional model)
SPS gives extra attention to the face. In SLi versions the dark blue filter glass allows effective UVA output for direct pigmentation
BPS filter glass for SLi gives a perfect balance of UVA and UVB up to the optimum tanning level. For extra stimulation of blood circulation, the BPS adds to the tanning experience as well as the instant visual effect in the mirror.
HPS filters for SLi transmit a strong and powerful combination of UVA, UVB and infrared.
Advanced engineering allows easy access for cleaning and bed maintenance.
Blending sleek European design with powerful ProSun performance and a host of luxury upgrades, the X10 is the pinnacle of professional tanning.

Unit Year: 2024

Model Make: Luxura

Model Name: X7 42 SLi High Intensive

Color: Pearl White / Ambient Flow

Max Tan Time: 12 Minutes

Has Shoulder Tanners: No

Has Air Conditioning: No

Has Mist System: No

Length (Inches): 90.55″

L x W x H (Inches): 90.55″ x 60.63″ x 53.94″

Shipping Weight (lbs): 1,055

Power Type: Single Phase

Power Requirements: 220V 60A 1-phase / 220V 40A 3-phase

Lamp Hours: New

Lamp Type: Ruva

Total Number x Watts of Unit Lamps: 9,000 Watts

Number x Watts of Facial Lamps: 4 x 400W

Condition: New

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