KBL P9S hybridSun

Based on the motto “Sunshine Meets Design”, KBL, in cooperation with the Studio F. A. Porsche, has introduced a new era of solarium design with the P9. With the P9S hybridSun, KBL set new standards in UV-technology for the face and décolleté. Earlier UV-Systems generate unwanted heat during a tanning session as a result of infrared radiation, which often leads to reddened or tense skin after sunbathing.

The P9S’s innovative LED-based SunSphere System avoids this unwanted infrared radiation and only uses the wavelengths desired during tanning, homogeneously distributed via aspherical glass lenses. Blue UVA LEDs guarantee excellent direct pigmentation for an immediately visible tan. Red Beauty LEDs soothe the skin while tanning. And yellow UVB special lamps build up pigments and boost the tanning process. SunSphere Facials consist of 4 cassettes, 5 blue UVA LED strips (35 individual LEDs), 2 red Beauty LED strips (14 individual LEDs) each and 3 yellow UVB special lamps for a total of 199 LEDs. SunSphere Shoulders consist of 2 cassettes, each with 6 blue individual LEDs and 1 red individual Beauty LED for a total of 14 LEDs.

The perfect spectral combination for an incomparable tanning experience. In addition, the new SunSphere System offers a consistently high LED output, makes high pressure bulb changes unnecessary and drastically reduces your power consumption.

Unit Year: 2024

Model Make: KBL

Model Name: P9S hybridSun

Color Options: Magic Silver /  Copper Rose / Wonder White

Max Tan Time: 10

Has Shoulder Tanners: Yes

Has Air Conditioning: Yes

Has Mist System: Yes

Length (Inches): 94

L x W x H (Inches): 94.37″L X 60.32″D X 84.65″H

Power Type: Three Phase

Power Requirements: 220V – 50A

Ballasts:160/180w Electronic—CPI

Lamp Hours: New

Lamp Type: pureSunlight / smartSunlight / SunSphere / Beauty Booster HyperRed

Max Power Consumption: 12.5 kW

Number x Watts of pureSunlight Lamps: 34 x 200W

Number x Watts of smartSunlight Lamps: 20 x 180W

Number x Watts of SunSphere facial: 4 x 120W LEDs

Number x Watts of SunSphere shoulder: 2 x 20W LEDs

Number x Watts of Beauty Booster HyperRed: 40 LEDs

Condition: New

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