KBL 8000 Alpha hybridSun

The 8000 Alpha hybridSun is the power-house of the 8000 series. With the highest performing combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight for an especially satisfying 10 minute tanning session.

Unit Year: 2024

Model Make: KBL

Model Name: 8000 Alpha hybridSun

Color: Magic Silver/Light up panels display

Max Tan Time: 10

Has Air Conditioning: Yes

Has Mist System: Yes

Max L x D x H (Inches): 93.86″L X 56.34″D X 82.17″H

Power Type: Three Phase

Power Requirements: 220V – 50A

Lamp Hours: New

Lamp Type: pureSunlight / smartSunlight / SunSphere Pro / BeautyBooster Pro

Max Power consumption: 14.9 kW

Number x Watts of pureSunlight Lamps: 34 x 200W

Number x Watts of smartSunlight Lamps: 16 x 200W

Facial Tanner: Yes – 4x 800W

Shoulder Tanner: Yes – 2x 250W HP

BeautyBooster: 70 LED

Condition: New

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