KBL 7900 Alpha Pearl Deluxe

Prepare to dominate the competition. An essential bed for any tanning business, the Alpha 7900 Commercial Tanning Bed from KBL offers one of the best tanning bed experiences available in the industry today. Want to blow away clients and the competition? Customers will love the features that come with this model, while competitors will be quite jealous. It features an AquaCool System, which sprays a mist of water through non-drip nozzles in the canopy, providing a cooling and rejuvenating effect everyone will love. This cooling system is essential, since the 56 lamps packed within this bed (30 canopy lamps, two shoulder lamps and 24 lounge lamps) produce an eye-popping 10,420 watts of power. But the AquaCool System is just one feature; other innovative attributes include the USB audio hook ups, the PreSelection Display on the canopy, the Aroma Therapy System, which releases either Sunrise or Daydream aromas into the bed, and much, much more!

Unit Year: 2024

Model Make: KBL

Model Name: 7900 Alpha Pearl Deluxe

Color: Grey/Blue

Max Tan Time: 10

Has Shoulder Tanners: Yes

Has Air Conditioning: Yes

Has Mist System: Yes

Length (Inches): 94

L x W x H (Inches): 94 X 57 X 82

Power Type: Three Phase

Power Requirements: 230V – 80A

Ballasts: 200w Electronic–cpi

Lamp Hours: New

Lamp Type: pureSunlight

Total Number x Watts of Unit Lamps: 56 X 11,780

Number x Watts of Canopy Lamps: 20 x 200W pureSunlight

Number x Watts of Bench Lamps: 20 x 180W pureSunlight

Number x Watts of Facial Lamps: 4 x 700W

Number x Watts of Shoulder Lamps: 2 X 250W

Condition: New

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