2nd Sun Tan carries a large variety of Custom and OEM Acrylics for over 800 tanning beds. Commercial tanning bed acrylic sheets have a minimum life expectancy of 1,000 hours rolex sky dweller 42mm 326935pro herren rosegold ton automatisch but will break down over time due to physical wear and transmission loss caused by UV degradation. Acrylic sheet life all depends on the overall care given from cleaning of the acrylics.

Sunbed acrylics can be expensive and require special cleaning, care, and maintenance. Because of acrylic’s porous nature, you want to use cleaning products designed for tanning beds that won’t scratch or leave an oily residue on the surface. For the same reason, you want to allow your salon guests to only use tanning lotions specifically formulated for indoor use.

Using chemicals like alcohol and ammonia can dry out your tanning bed acrylics causing them to be brittle and weakened, increasing the chance of your acrylics to crack and break during use. At 2nd Sun Tan, we recommend using Lucasol or Australian Gold formulated acrylic cleaner in combination with a soft cloth such as a microfiber towel, and should be cleaned completely after each use of the tanning bed. Keeping your tanning bed acrylics clean allows more UV light to pass through, ensuring that your customers receive the best possible tan during each use.

2nd Sun Tan stocks and produces acrylics for, but not limited to the following tanning beds:

Alisun, American Quality (Tropical Rayz), Cyberdome, Dr Kern, Dr Muller (incl. all Orbit, Onyx, Orion, Odyssey, Sun Sector, Sun Gate) Electric Sun, Ergoline, ESB, ETS, (Including all Sunquest, Sunvision, Sunstar, Solaris, Starpower) Eurotan, Gardasun, Heartland, ISM, JK Soltron, Klafsun / Sontegra, Luxura, Megasun, Montego rvaper Bay, Pro Sun, Puretan, Royal Sun, Silver Solarium, Soleil Systems, Sonnenbraune, Sportarredo (incl. Blue Moon, Golden Sun, Holiday, K-52, Olympic, Ringo, Silver Star, Summer 75, Universe) Sun Industries, Sunal, Sundash, Sundazzler, Sunliner, Suntana, Tan America, Tanses, Ultrabronze, Ultrasun, UWE, Vitasun, Wolff, Zanders