Luxura X10 SLi High Intensive

The Luxura X10 is the pinnacle of tanning excellence. It packs up to fifty-two 160 and 180-watt lamps, four 500-watt high pressure facial lamps with HPS technology, and a blazingly fast session time of just ten minutes. It comes standard with attractive features such as the ContourPLUS comfort acrylic, and the SoundAround audio system with the MyMP3 personal audio device interface.

Aesthetically the X10 is jaw-dropping. The unit is decorated with polished chrome. The special Admoresphere edition features Ambient FlowLight with 15 different flow sequences for beautiful color effects, or 30 constant colors to match your salon. It gives the sophisticated design an irresistible appeal.

The unique IP control is the Intelligent Power System, a highly sophisticated technique with dynamically controls the electronic ballasts for greater energy efficiency. This intelligent supplementary module controls the power supply for the lamps and keeps the degree of impact during the lifespan of the lamps consistently optimal.

The X10 is the ultimate upgrade bed, the one tanners will line up to experience, and come back for again and again. If you want the absolute best for your salon and its patrons, this unit is what you need.

The X10 is delivered to your door pre-installed with high-end upgrades as standard equipment.

The SoundAround with MyMP3 four-speaker audio system supports client devices, allowing users to create fully customized tanning soundtracks.
SmartVoice technology utilizes a set of prerecorded voice prompts to guide clients seamlessly through sessions.
ProSun’s revolutionary ContourPlus tanning surface molds to the shape of the body, delivering the ultimate in customer comfort.
Other standard features include:

Fully adjustable integrated facial and body cooling
Interior LCD display timer
Take the X10 to the next level by adding other available options:

Qsens Cooling Mist
XSens Aromatherapy
Blending sleek European design with powerful ProSun performance and a host of luxury upgrades, the X10 is the pinnacle of professional tanning.

Unit Year: 2023

Model Make: Luxura

Model Name: X10 52 SLi High Intensive

Color: Crystal White / Ambient Flow

Max Tan Time: 10 Minutes

Has Shoulder Tanners: No

Has Air Conditioning: No

Has Mist System: No

Length (Inches): 91.4″

L x W x H (Inches): 91.4″ x 56.7″ x 80.7″

Shipping Weight (lbs): 1,425

Power Type: Single Phase

Power Requirements: 220V 80A 1-phase / 220V 40A 3-phase / Buck Booster 3 Phase/1.5Kva,1Phase/2Kva

Lamp Hours: New

Lamp Type: Ruva

Total Number x Watts of Unit Lamps: 12,000

Number x Watts of Facial Lamps: 4 x 520 Watts

Condition: New

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